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October 14, 2006 New York Times on the Holocene Working Group's impact as indicated by Mega-Tsunami evidence and a new crater

Interesting papers and pages concerning catastrophism and comets:

Wonderful anonymous overview of the asteroid impact threat as evidenced by myth

The Dark Ages, Were They Darker Than We Imagined?

Why Comets are more Dangerous and Unpedictable than Asteroids

The Myth History of the Catastrophe Events and Their Cultural Effects
by Timo Niroma, Helsinki, Finland


Bob Kobres is my original guru on the subject of Carolina Bays and cosmic catastrophism in myth. Here is Bob's wonderful Nickle Pickle Series.  Here is Bob's paper on Comets and the Bronze Age collapse

(Start with Part B if you are browsing quickly). 

  • Nickel Pickle Part A: Though a nickel will not buy much today the element nickel is invaluable to our contemporary way of life. Without access to this nonferrous metal, much of what we take for granted would not be practical or in many cases possible. Automobiles would be fragile--hitting a pothole would, as in...


  • Nickel Pickle Part B: There is though, another agent which could destroy civilization and do great harm to the environment, a large consignment of elements from space. Such deliveries are not as uncommon as was previously thought, particularly during the past twelve thousand years.


  • Nickel Pickle Part C: The contemporary picture of pre-history has been pieced together with total disregard for the effects impact phenomena had on our ancestors. Obviously the image of our past will be much different when this newly discovered influence is factored in. As already mentioned, it is becoming clear that much ...


  • Nickel Pickle Part D: Uniformitarianism succeeded in displacing catastrophism as the acceptable approach to unraveling Earth's past, largely because slow moving glaciers better explained the presence of displaced boulders. Catastrophists had surmised that these large rocks were washed to where they were found...


  • Nickel Pickle Part E: Short of a full contemporary investigation of the Carolina Bays, the strongest physical evidence that seems to link the mega-fauna extinction with an extraterrestrial event is in the form of an artifact known as the Lenape Stone.





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