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Lowell Dam Dynamited!

December 28, 2005

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Family company



The "McGeorge" Group

National Mitigation

and Conservation Banking Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana

March 3-5, 2004


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Helms Senate Family Reunion

November 9-10, 2002   



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September 11 in D.C.


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A good "Op-Ed" I wrote



First Flight Centennial

 December 17, 2003


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Aerial photos


Conly - Cox Wedding


Please link to another I site I maintain for North Carolina's only cartographical society:

The William P. Cumming Map Society


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Today's papers from across North Carolina..


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North Carolina Antique Map Gallery


Its Spring and

that means



John Lawson's Trek Through the Carolinas 

In 1709 



The News & Observer


An Op-Ed I recently wrote



Archibald D. Murphy

And the improvement of North Carolina in 1815


Penguins and Parrots in North Carolina?


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