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I am often asked where I purchase color infra-red photographs like the ones below. 

You can purchase them from the United States Geological Survey here:

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NRpanhandle.jpg (277176 bytes)

NW corner North River Farms and SW corner of Open Grounds Farm

East of Beaufort, North Carolina

My experience with this government product has been excellent. I began by ordering the printed paper photos, "1/4 Quads," which cover approximately 16,000 acres, and scanning them in 1996.  Today I purchase them digitally and download the 250 MEG files at work to review for restoration opportunities. The entire state of North Carolina is available as flown in the years 1998 and 1999. 

 Do not hesitate to call the EROS Data Center and have them assist you in the ordering process.  They are always available, knowledgeable and friendly.  1-800-252-GLIS (4547)

Blackriver.jpg (295185 bytes)

Black River through Bladen and Pender Counties

Background from the USGS EROS Data Center website: 

"The National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP), is an interagency Federal effort coordinated by the USGS, which uses NAPP products to revise maps. Other agencies have varied uses for these photographs, which, are taken on a 5- to 7-year cycle and produced to rigorous specifications. The NAPP program encompasses the entire lower 48 states and Hawaii. The photos are acquired from airplanes flying at an altitude of 20,000 feet using a 6 inch focal length camera resulting in a scale of 1:40,000. Each 9-by 9-inch photo (without enlargement) covers an area of slightly more than 5 miles on a side. The NAPP program began in 1987. Flightlines for the NAPP program are flown in a north-to-south direction through the east and west halves of 7.5-minute quadrangles."

ferrabie.jpg (294728 bytes)

Ferrabie Farm cut into the Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

 Lake Drummond on the left







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