On September 11 Pam and I were in Washington D.C.   We drove up the 10th and stayed at the Channel Inn on the Potomac waterfront in Washington.  We were there so I could testify to the U.S. House on Wednesday the 12th.

Around 9:15 Tuesday morning we got a call in the hotel room from my partner, John Preyer, telling us to turn on the TV.  He said New York had been attacked and he speculated on the threat to Washington.  We flipped on NBC and were appalled as Katie Kouric described the scene in New York.  At 9:43 we felt the bed shake with a thud.  We jumped up to look out the window and see what the hell had happened.  We saw smoke coming from across the river on the Virginia side and grabbed the camera.  Hell had happened.

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9:44 (on our camera)


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Our location

Soon, choppers were buzzing, a fighter ripped overhead with a boom, and we saw on TV that the Pentagon had been attacked.  

I took a few pictures with what was left of the battery.     


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Photos from later that day in Washington.... 


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The Pentagon