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My name is George Howard. I am 43 and I have a young family and a growing business in Raleigh, North Carolina. I also have a two-fold facination: 1) Achieving environmental quality through the judicious use of market based-regulatory systems (about which I blog elsewhere). And, 2) All things related to the developing science of extraterrestrial impact induced rapid climate change in the Holocene and slightly before. About which I blog here.

After graduating from University of North Carolina in 1989, I did a six-year stint in Washington D.C. as a conservative political staffer in the United States Senate. I have never read the Bible and I am not a Creationist. I have, however, come to believe that many of the old stories are true and we need to heed them. I believe ET induced climate castastrophes have happened in the last 13,000 years that need further investigation and commentary, as an issue of public safety — not politics or religion.

I am a co-author of the Firestone. et. al. PNAS paper in 2007 and several other posters. My contribution consisted largely of field work and analysis of the phenomena knows as Carolina Bays. Carolina Bays and their many explanations, continue to puzzle me. This blog will discuss Carolina Bays, and other impact related phenomena — but will focus on the proposed Younger Dryas Event.

I don’t consider myself a part of that Younger Dryas team any longer – but rather providing commentary and information on same. I hope for the voice of a sports commentary man that once played for the team — but is now calling it in the booth (on for the school sports network). You love the team — but you are no longer responsible if they lose.

Finally, I am a skeptic. I do not take blogging on weird scientific theories lightly. I don’t believe in UFO’s, Chiropractic, Astrology, and most toxic threats. I am not stired to almost any form of collective action on behalf on almost anything. But I do believe in the power of blogs to change things. And I think the threat is real.